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Espero que estés teniendo un día fantástico

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Parents buy suspect's car to investigate daughter's mysterious death
Cayley Mandadi's mother, a scientist, and her stepfather, a NASA engineer, believe they can prove it was murder.

Royal Mail shake-up could allow letter deliveries just three days a week
Royal Mail could be allowed to deliver letters just three days per week, under a series of options outlined by the industry regulator to help the company run a sustainable service.

US regulator admits cyber-security lapse before rogue Bitcoin post
Regulator admits key security procedure on X account was suspended six months before it was hacked.
Poet Crystal Wilkinson Explores Black Appalachia Cooking in Her New Book
In her new book, “Praisesong for the Kitchen Ghosts,†the poet Crystal Wilkinson explores her family history through cooking and recipes.
Voter on why he chose Trump over Haley in near 'flip of a coin' decision
A New Hampshire voter speaks to CNN's Kate Bolduan about his choice to vote for former President Donald Trump instead of former Gov. Nikki Haley in 'close to a flip of a coin' decision in the New Hampshire primary.